I Think I'm In Love With a Friend But I Screwed Up Big Time.

I went on a trip with a group of friends and while I was there I really connected with a guy who I had met on the trip. We had so much in common and he was not only atractive physiscally but also on the intelectual level.

The BIG problem is that I am in a relationship and he is married. Both of us were not very happy in our relationships but nothimg happened between us during the trip. I thought he felt something for me but he never really did say so.

When we both got back home we started emailing as friends every single day for a week straight and I decided to take it to another level by hinting that I liked him... He told me to explain myself further but at the same time hinted back that he could only offer me friendship...

I din't have the courage to openly tell him what I felt but kept hinting. It has been  5 days since this and he hasn't answered so I guess I blew it.

What did I do wrong?

Should I send him an email and tell him the truth? Or should I wait and see if he answers?  


nomoredrama nomoredrama
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1 Response Jul 23, 2007

Well considering you guys are both involved with somebody, friends is probably the only thing that should exist between you two. Besides, he did say that he can only offer a friendship...is say take him up on it!