I Am In Love With An Old Friend

  For years I have been married to a lady who is mentally ill, it is not her fault I know, but, it has made my life a roller coaster ride at best, and a living hell at worst.  I never know what mood or attitude I will encounter when I come home.  I walk on pins and needles in my own home.

 I had never forgotten an old friend from days gone by with whom  I was very close  has  now showed up, quite by accident, into my life again.  How is a long story and adds no value to this story. 

  I have tried to fight my feelings, but I'm afraid I can no longer hold back, and the guilt is all consumming and I have done nothing more than visit as yet.  I know that she still feels the same,  her husband as passed on and she is now living alone.  She is fun loving, likes to travel and we share almost everything in common and always have.  While my wife and I have almost nothing anymore, and the battle to stay over the years has wore me down both physically and mentally.

I am now at a crossroad, I don't know wether to turn or keep going straight ahead.  My heart says one thing, but my mind says another.  help


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2 Responses Jan 31, 2007

You only have one life to live and while you cannot change your wife and her "mood swings" you can change what happens in your future. Don't cheat - but you have to move forward!

Well I suggest not cheating on her. If you can't take it anymore she deserves to at least know. You have to do it respectfully.