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Still Being Stupid Cuz I Dont Know How He Feels

I'll spare everyone all of the details. I've known him for almost two years. we have always been friends. he actually got me through my divorce. and then we were just casual. or so i thought. looking back on things he was really sweet but he just wanted to be friends so i gave him lots of space. then a year later i was ready to move on and met a nice guy. thats when he told me he loved me the first time. he told me he would always love me a little. and i told him the same because i would always feel that way. so i dated other guy who was sweet but not loking for a relationship and took a year to figure that out. and towards the end of that year he told me he loved me again. so i broke up with wats his face and took a little time to get over my one year boyfriend because i actually cared about him. now its been a month and hes hardly spoken to me. Can he still love me after 2 years? Should i just give up?
isapheonix isapheonix 26-30, F Feb 24, 2012

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