Love Him Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake!

Yes....Indeed it is true.... When I was 19 ( now 23 ) I met a guy online and we just clicked. I could talk to him for hours about nothing, laughing and just be myself around him. Anything I wanted to talk about , he was there for. I thought at the time , I had a great relationship with the guy i was with, and it turned abusive. He would throw glasses at me, would hit me in public if i even dared to look at another man. My feelings for him started to windle down, and started to get more serious with this older man that I met online. He is 54 ( now ) and I love him with all my heart. We still talk to this day, still cam, still call each other, still text, still message each other online, but he's to scared to be with me. He thinks I would run off with another " good looking" guy that is better looking than him. And no matter how many times I tell him or show him that it's only him, he always says im to good for him. Maybe one day he will come around. Or maybe im just wishful thinking! Ugh
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lovely story with its share of tough stuff there.

all the best beautiful lady

xx Joe

Bless your heart ;)

It's a tricky one. He needs the confidence that you would say with him, and you need the confidence that he won't become abusive. <br />
<br />
These relationships can be very successful, as successful as any other - but there are additional pressures that bear on them, not the least of which is the view of "society." But there are practical issues, which can be of concern. A 25 year age gap, for example, is good but once you start getting to your 30s, hubby's gonna be in his late 50s and slowing down a touch. <br />
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But good luck to you :)

i wish you all the best, hope that everything work out. with a smile that is

im in a relationship with a older man im 22 and he is 47,he was doudtful at 1st but we have been together nearly 2 years now so we are proof that it can work,message me if you want to talk

Honey, this sounds like a very insecure man. You need to be with a guy who is secure enough to let you be yourself!

i having the same situation! he's 56 and I'm 20 now. I just can't help falling for him. We get along very well ,The more I talk to him,The more I love him. sometimes its really hurt...

i will pray for your hapy life.i think you are the lucky one in the world because there are many people around you who love you butyou have to find.If there is a true love in your heart for someone you will get him in no time.just think about

you look very sexy, that is why....... maybe its time to move on? wanna check me out?

Well keep talking till he comes around.How old are you now?