He Is 27 And I Am 18....

I am just petrified how much we are alike and yet different. We first started as friends and then we started to talk a little by little. We found out in how much we think alike.( I've always been told I'm mature for my age as an "old soul in a young body.") when I'm around him I feel as if something just pulls me to him. I try so hard to not grab him and kiss him.

I feel he is exactly how I picture my dream bf. He is down to earth, strong, funny,we argue about little things on purpose just for fun,I feel so protected when I'm with him. But like I said it scares me so much that we think alike, and he says the same thing. We both now that as much as we can make each other happy we can hurt each other. I'm so use to being the one how reads people and mess with peoples mind in a sense asking riddles and things in that nature. I'm going to see him today in school and I cant wait but I don't know what I have in store for me. They way he is I know my family won't accept him and the age is 9 years apart.

I want to wait till I'm 21 always to make a choice weather to be with him it not. I hope I can wait because I'm still young and I feel that I can see and know what is best for me. I feel like this is going to be a big challenge for me, because my family is so over protecting.
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First thing, I must commend you on having the courage to seek advice. Well let me say,I know all to well that love has no age on it,and especially if you make that once in a lifetime connection which almost never happens now a days,then it is so worth it. Your only guaranteed one chance in life and your not promised a time limit on it,so follow your heart and let your soul lead you and you will find true happiness. If he makes you fell like you and him are the only ones on this earth then go for it! and dont look back,but if you have one doubt in your head then take the time to carefully think it all over and I am sure you will make the right decision.

Thank you very much:). I have thought about it alot and I am still thinking to make a choice at 21. Cuz then I would be able to go out and have fun with him like he is use to. if he waits and still feels like I do with about then I know we might make it:)

When I was younger 9 years wouldn't have been considered all that big an age gap.<br />
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But do take your time. Pay attention to how he treats everybody, not just you.

Only if times were like that still I wouldn't feel as if I have to prepare to talk n convince my family. But only time can tell