Age Is Nothing But The Number.

He is 25 years older than me.weve been friends for 5 years.i am an accomplish 34 years old. I am a landlord and a daycare business owner.i have dated a 38 year men whom i had to help get a drivers license and help buy a first car.he refused to pay rent when he lived with me.kept ex girl friends picture in our bedroom and tryed to have an affair with my neighbour.l am now engaged to a loving,wonderful christian 59 year old men who adores me and my 2 kids. He is my soulmate.we do not have to work to hard in this relationship because if you are with the right person it is just easy.u do not have to change anything about ya self and he do not have to change anything about himself.i cant explain it but it just work. We recognise that we have something special and we not going to let a number get in the middle of our took me 34 year to get it right and it took him 59 years so we gonna make sure we make the best of the years ahead. My parents,his 3 kids who are in their mid 20s sees how happy we aree and they are very excited about the wedding.
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1 Response Aug 28, 2012

Great,posting, of love, hope and happiness.I live happy with my guy too, we both know what is ahead,many people on same age or nearly same, don't, Nobody knows future, but happiness in the now is all we have, the future take cars of itself.