Im 21, Hes 31...

how old is too old?! i cant help it! im in love! i dont wanna scare him off and i dont want him to think im immature. hes made me see things in myself that i never have before. do i tell him that im falling for him? or do i jus play it cool? lol im losing my mind over this man! he has no idea how happy he makes me even wen he isnt trying.
TheSweetestGiirl TheSweetestGiirl
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I was 20, my boyfriend was 42. He's now my husband. I didn't tell him I was falling for him, but couldn't really play it cool either, but I made a good effort. Lol. When he said he loved me I didn't believe him even though I loved him, it was too fast. I was a virgin and had to make sure he was serious. Play it as cool as you can, make sure he's not playing games. You have to decide how far you're willing to go without knowing if he's serious (if you're not that far already). I'll tell you how crazy I was for my older man, I wasn't ready to have sex but I slept at a motel with him so we wouldn't be apart. I slept in his arms, but I was also prepared for the worst and for me the risk was worth it. He promised he wouldn't touch me, he broke that promise and played with my body, but I stayed a virgin so he was trustworthy. :D