They May Be Older But Not Dead

I'm 35 he's 59, we met when I was 22 and he was 46, I do care for him, and I know he loves me, he knows how to make love to my mind and body, he cooks for me, and spoils me to death and gives me everything I want and need,What I like about him is, He is secure, and stable, and knows what he wants. If you like him and he treats u good, keep him, cause there are so many single desperate women out here looking for your older man. And understand your older man is not dead, just like he got u he can get someone else, yes older men admire our beauty and youthfulness, but they're not stupid and they know when we're trying to use them or take advantage of them. If you're in a relationship with an older man treat him good or leave him be, something I had to learn over the years, in the beginning I played around with my older man until he almost left me something I thought he wouldn't do cause I think and thought I was so hot back then, it took me awhile to learn that age ain't nothing but a number, and I do love him.
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I'm a younger woman with an older man (also interracial). We're 18 years apart. He's 39 & I'm 21. He's Caucasian & I'm African American. We get along well even though he's a 70's baby & I'm a 90's baby :-)

Nice , well said i'm an older man 56 and my wife is 36 and like you say if I ever feel like i:m being treated shabbily I get pissed, age is just a number the other way too , what I'm saying is just because youre younger doesn't make you indespencable , , Take advantage of the stability and the treats but treat him right too , he doesn't JUST love you because youre younger

This is such a good story!! I am in the same situation now. I love a man who is 18 years older than me. I have been having trouble deciding whether its a good idea to stay or leave (mainly because of our age difference).. But whenever we are apart, I miss him so much and want to be with him! I don't think I have ever felt this way towards a man before :) I care about him so much! And I hope that whatever decision I make, is the right one.

Good story. I am in a similar situation but still unsure about whether to stay or go.