He Is Not Much Older But Slightly.

I love him more than anything but i fear at times that he may just think if me as a child. I know he loves me and he says he wants me to be his wife. I just have been trampled on so many times before. I trust him but i still worry. I say, how could such a great man love such a worthless pile if crap like me? I mean seriously. I just don't understand How such a phenomenal person could love me. I feel like he could find some one better someone sweeter. Someone hotter than me. Just over all someone better. I LOvE him with every single inch of my heart but i just don't see how someone could love me back.. He means everything to me! I mean everything! He is everything i have ever wanted and every thing i have ever needed. I just don't get why i deserve him. He is amazing... Just don't get how someone could love me, especially someone so loving caring and kind..
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I am somewhat of a hypocrite and certainly no saint for saying this... But in love it is no luxury share from yourself....being codependent without love for self hardly fills that gap....I know that....more than I care to know...sharing love however is worth building and fighting for. It's not nice to say or have to hear...and I hope you understand I mean well by saying this...but you need to let yourself feel loved by yourself first in order to live build and share from that beginning

Thank you very much. I understand what you mean, i am getting there trust me, i am far better than i used to be.

For some reason I believe you when you say that.

You should, because i mean that. I used to be completely obliterated inside, but all those wounds are healing. All my pain slowly fading...all because of the man i am talking about in the story. He has helped me come a VERY long way. Made me realise i can have happiness. Until him i never truly knew how to smile. They were all fake. I know now with every bit of my being that he is my one. He is everything i need and everything i want. I cherish him more than life. He is the reason i a, the way i am today. Without him, i honestly think i would have killed myself. So, he brought me VERY far..

Just don't forget to give yourself credit where it is due. I have seen loves shadier double edge. I beg your forgiveness for being so horribly negative on such an important subject. I do this because I know what it is like to link yourself to someone like that....and forget just how important you yourself are in the process of it. Happiness and love should always be shared commodities. I hope you find both and can cherish them together.

It is fine, i am grateful for your comment. I hope you find happiness and love too. :)

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