My Mr Right

My Mr Right

7 months ago i found my perfect man he is 16 years older than me (im 21 and he is 37)and everything i could ever ask for. He has two children from a previous marriage who are great and i love being with them. I our relationship we are bothe equals, he sees me as a mature adult and in return i treat him with respect and admiration. Although we have only been together 7 months when he asked me to marry him 2 moths ago i could think of nothing that would make me happier in the world so said yes and now we are planning our lives together.

I have to be honest though that some of my family were not thrilled with my relationship as they think my fiance is too old for me, but in my heart of hearts i know that this relationship is what i want and i want it for life. I just hope that in time the members of my family who are having difficulty with my relationship can be as happy for me as everyone else is.

On to a happier note, i would not be with out my mr right for anything in the world, he completes me and i, him. I am now looking forward to the future with a big smile on my face and wedding bells ringing in my ears lol

I hope you al find your Mr Right (I DID!!!!!) 

eclipse123 eclipse123
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2010