I'm 39 He's 50

Hi all!

Just wanted to post my thoughts on this subject.

I work in retail and for past six months have been chatting regularly with a customer who is 50 (I'm 40 later this year).

We hit it off fantastic 'over the counter' so to speak (me doing shop work I hasten to add!)

Valentines Day just gone, he posted a card through my door.  He remembered where the vicinity where I lived from our previous chats; saw my car outside my house and took a risk. 

Long story short:

We are now an 'item'.

3 weeks as a couple.

I'm over the moon about him; he's over the moon with me; kids on both sides ok with age difference etc.

My only concern is this: he has hair implants.  He went bald at an early age, 18/19 and from then on has had hair implants.  It is noticeable as it was something I noticed about him when we first started chatting.  He told me after our first night spent together after the implants.  They are not good as in, they are very noticeable.  I'm ashamed to say I would want to recommend some other salon, though he doesn't have the kind of money to spend on expansive laser techniques.

I'm also ashamed to say I'm worried about what other people will think when they see me and him.  Will they think me desperate? Going after a guy who's got implants and obviously trying to hang on to some semblence of his youth?  Will they think him as having a trophy on his arm?

I guess this is the only thing that's 'bugging' me about this relationship.  Other than the hair issue, he's an extremely virile man (4 times in one night without Viagra).

I told him today he should consider selling samples of his Testosterone (in the secret hope he could get better hair implants)!!!


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Thats all really quite petty.<br />
Who carres about the hair implants, who cares what people think? If you love one another then the rest ain't important.<br />
Enjoy it

nomomisery:<br />
<br />
thank you so much for your comment! I laughed so much I nearly choked on my vino!!<br />
<br />
Blessings to you n all hunni! x