My Old Man

Well what can I say?...I've been with him for over 2 years now. He is of course much older than I am, 31 years older than me to be exact. I didn't try looking for someone that much older to date, it just sorta happened. I didn't actually start having a serious relationship with him in till after about 6 months of us being...oh what's the word...(**** buddies), that's not the words I want to meant more than that...hmm,let's just say friends...who on occasion were sometimes intimate with one another. It wasn't that we just called each other up to hook up for sex, we liked spending time together and talking to one another. So, he finally told me that he wanted to form a more serious relationship with me, then the type of relationship we had going. He said he really liked me and wanted to be together. At the time, I still saw other people...I liked my older man, but I was very insecure about getting into a serious relationship. Of course, he wasn't happy that I saw other people, but he understood that I had no commitment to him. After some time, I realized I did not want to see other people anymore, I had fallen in love with the old man and the only one I wanted to be with...was him. I told him what I wanted and asked if he still wanted the same. He said "yes" that he did and that is how we came to be. Sometimes I think...and I've told the old man this myself....that I'm glad that he stuck around because if I would have been him, I wouldn't have stayed. He waited around for me when he didn't have to. I apologized to him for that but I am very happy that I have him in my life. I can be more of myself with him than anyone else. I laugh almost everyday I'm with him, we share our thoughts, opinions, ideas, with each other. We can have goofy off-the-wall conversations up to intellectual meaningful conversations. We may not always have the same opinion or agree with one another, but it is because we are accepting of each other's opinions and feelings that we have such a close bond. He is truly wonderful and though we may have our own personal issues to get through, I'm glad that we can try to get through them together.

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Unfortunately as of a few months ago, no. I still see him sometimes but right now isnt the time for us.

Is he still alive

Thanks for sharing your story. I find it inspirational.

Ha, well yes my family knows about him. I can't say that their very happy about our age difference, but at the same time, they realize he's a good guy and treats me well. They just want me to be happy and to have someone that is going to genuinely care for me. Besides, even if they weren't happy about my relationship with him, it wouldn't matter because it's my life to live. As for marriage, maybe if we are still together in a couple years, I'll look into it more. I do know that later in life I may want kids, but I don't think that he wants to have anymore. So that is something that we'd have to discuss and come to a conclusion about before we would get married. He has 3 kids...a 12 year old boy, 15 year old girl, and a 20 year old daughter who is older than me! Talk about strange... lol.

Oh, wow! Good for you! Good for him! <br />
<br />
You understand from the beginning that people close to you will tell you that you're a fool, and the same people will tell you that he's evil.. He'd have to be. He's obviously ruining your life.<br />
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Love works, irrespective of age differences. Don't let people break you apart. Trust your heart.