Beginning to end (it's a long one)

From the first time I saw a photo of Nikki Sixx (I was 11, I think), I knew I could never be attracted to a guy my own age again. I tried so hard to be like the other girls in middle school and take an interest in the "older" guys in high school, but I just couldn't get into it, and that must have really altered me in a way that only I couldn't see. Eventually, I had nothing in common with my friends and we drifted apart. At that point, my parents decided to homeschool me. Not long after that, the family was traumatically split up when a domestic violence situation landed my dad in prison.

The rest of 8th grade passed with no remarkable incidents. I entered high school on the rebound from Peter, a 36 year old Greek god, and began once again to try and notice the boys, but even when I saw one I thought was "cute", all I could think about was making friends with him to see what the situation was like with his parents (i.e. if his dad was doable). Sadly, "mom" always caught on, and made the son quit being my friend. I soon befriended a girl named Cassie (lots of stories there), who had a SMOKING HOT, then 31 year old cousin named Paul. Paul was a really classy guy--A German architect with major cash, and unwilling to, as he put it, "have relations" with me until I was 18. We did develop a relationship of sorts over the next year, but I eventually dumped him because I really didn't want a relationship without sex.

I had a huge string of losers over the next couple of years. One exception to that string, however was Ricky, a smart, fun, sexy guy only a couple years my senior. Not much to tell there, other than that we broke off the relationship based on the fact that I moved across the state and that we are still really close friends. The last loser in the aforementioned string was Lee.

I met Lee when I was 16, while working at my first job, and although I wasn't really attracted to him, I said yes when he asked me out because I was lonely and bored. Lee was 11 years older than me, and the relationship proved short-lived after his landlord kicked him out for trying to bring in 10 lbs. of pot to sell out of the house.

My mom had had enough of me and my craze with older men, and went off on me about dating Lee. I told her to **** off, and took off walking down the higway. Long story short, I ran away, and ended up about 400 miles away. I was talking to a guy who asked what I was doing there,  and decided it would be fun to rape me. As he left me, my cell phone rang. It was Lee's landlord, Wayne, calling what he thought was Lee's number to ask for money Lee owed him. I said no, this is my number, and he said something in my voice told him I was scared. Wayne told me I had to come back, he would pick me up at the bus station. I reluctantly agreed, and everything went as planned. Wayne showed up with some skanky female friend who was trying to get in his pants, and brought me to his house that night. He stayed up all night talking to me (much to the *****'s dismay, so she left in a huff), and I went home the next morning.

Wayne and I became the best of friends, and talked for at least 10 hours a day. My mom saw no harm in the friendship, and we all went out for lunches/dinners as friends. Shortly after I got home, I saw Lee with another girl and broke up with him. Just a month later, Wayne told me he'd fallen in love with me. It was a bombshell, but I felt the same way. We started kissing and holding hands under the table when we'd go on our dinners. Eventually my mom caught on, and forbid me to call him. I secretly bought a prepaid cell phone that I used to talk to Wayne, and we continued our relationship in secret, even though like Paul, Wayne (17 years older than me) didn't want to have sex with me until I turned 18.

I badgered him about it, and eventually I got my way (another story). We were on and off while I was 17, and on my 18th birthday I moved in with him. The waters were really rough from then until about 6 months ago, and I swear I would have let go of anyone else. Last summer he broke up with me for hating his ex-wife, and refused to speak to me. I moved out of state to live with my sister, and when that didn't work out, I called Wayne to cry. He told me he wanted me back, and so once again, he got me from the bus station (without the nasty friend), and we resumed the relationship. Ever since then, it's been almost all smooth sailing, and I know in my heart of hearts, that every **** storm we endured for each other was worth it, and we are meant to be together.

Update as of 10/12/2010: Now he's in jail (see My Hell in "I Want to Know the Worst Thing Anyone has Ever Said to You", that will explain it) We're still together, although currently fighting about loaning money to a guy he met in jail...

Update as of 11/03/2010: I broke up with Wayne because of the whole situation we're in right now. We decided to stay friends, though.

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heh... guess who i saw a couple of weeks ago shopping in my little hometown? (Nikki Sixx!) he's SHORT!! :0] have had an interesting life. It is so easy at times for a young girl to fall for an older guy..............I am older and have had more than a few younger women in my has always been exciting.............sexually very desirable...........there's always the daddy thing playing into it as well..........You are special............I would love to know more........


I'm 21, he's 38.

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