Feeling Guilty

Well, I Have been married for 9 years. Almost 4 years ago, my hubby made friends with a guy, I'll call "jake". Jake Is smart, funny and adorable. I still love my husband very much, and don't plan to leave him for Jake. But when Jake comes around, we seem to have some connection. We have a lot in common, and he seems to talk to me more than my hubby. I also dream of him nearly every night. It is a shame I can't have them both... LOL.

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4 Responses Mar 17, 2008

Do i know"jake"

No i have not. But Leettah, you know how my hubby alway acts like he want to share me so that i will share him. This is one of those guys, and i informed him that nothing would happen unless he was there too. Wierd thing is, that i think that BOTH of them might actually go for that.( not to touch each other mind you, just cuz Hubby wants me to share him, & I think "jake" is bi.

Hey girlie! It's not that bad. Have you acted on it? Are you sure it is love and not that you are just in a rut? These are some questions you have to ask yourself.

I can't believe I've had 16 views and nobody has any comments? Good OR bad? Is it really that bad??? <br />