He Can't Wait to See Her...

How do I make this go away?  Or resolve it somehow?  Am I going to feel like this forever? 

D and I went with friends to a movie last night. My husband was busy, so he didn't go.  He sat next to me.  I could feel electricity when our arms touched.  He whispered comments about the movie into my ear.  His lips so close...

Argh, but there are so many reasons why I can't have him, and shouldn't want him.  Um, I'm married first of all.  And second, he has a girlfriend of 3 years who is also a good friend of mine.  She's away for work most of the year though.  Anyhow, she will be back soon.  He wrote on her Facebook profile that he can't wait to see her again.  And it made me sad.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  And pathetic.  I really am. At least I don't feel jealous. I don't feel animosity towards D's girlfriend at all. But I am sad.

My husband and I have been having problems because he's unhappy with who he is and what he's doing. But he's working towards fixing that. So I feel I owe it to him to get over the "other man." But it's hard. And I'm still not always sure I want to. I know it is selfish, but I really believe that you have to make yourself happy if you can. Otherwise I'm sure I'll just end up bitter towards my husband, and that won't make for a happy life for either of us. What to do...  So frustrated.

iateabugtoo iateabugtoo
Oct 9, 2008