And I Love Her

I have known since I was 4 or 5 that I would spend my life with a woman. I came out to my family when I was 21. I had a hard time in HS accepting my sexuality because I grew up in the Bible belt and was in HS in the late 90s. Once I learned that there was nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex my life blossomed into something beautiful.

I have been with the love of my life for six years now. We met in college. I was 24, had just gotten out of the USN, and was working on my bachelors. She was 25 and working on her second bachelors (overachiever Lol). She is the most gorgeous woman. She's intelligent, has a heart that's overflowing with kindness and love, and is simply the most amazing person in my life.

I am truly happy that I ignored what the rest of the world was telling me (that my feelings are unnatural), thought for myself, listened to my own heart, and broke the chains of intolerance and ignorance. If I hadn't had the courage to do so I would have never been able to walk up to my gorgeous woman and say, "I'm gay...I think you're beautiful, smart, and funny...would you like to go bowling?"

She's my lover, my best friend, my partner

...and I love her.

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4 Responses Feb 4, 2011

Great story I can relate.I was in love in 1965.You can only imagine,"A"?My girlfriend's sister found my love letter to her (Brenda).She stood on the Highschool steps (small town all the schools were all on one piece of land,I am from Ga.) and yelled out my name calling me a "Queer".My heart was so broken and torn.I did not know what the word meant,but I knew she was girlfriend's sister and she said,"she wrote my sister love letters".I would never share the letters Brenda wrote me.I'm happy that you found love in the '90s.

wish i got the courage same as yours to come out and be with the love your life...i'm 31 yrs old now and still hiding in my closet..:(

wow..amazing story...i envy you :)

ohh so luckey you are to get her in your life.. be happy!