Jus Tryn To Figure Out Where Do I Go From Here!

Let me jus start off by saying I never saw this comen! Well I met this girl like 3yrs ago! When I met her she had started wrkn at my job and she was pregnant! And frm the 1st time our paths crossed we instantly hit it off, we jus clicked it was like instant chemestry between us. Well she endenup haveing to quit after 2mo to have the baby we lost touch with each other and I jus left it like dat well they hired her back and we jus picked up right were we left off like she had never left but only this time she asked me for my number and we started hangin together all the time even after wrk and when we was we were together well we would jus talk for hours about everything she told me she was in love with this guy but he had somebody and they live together so he was in and out the pic all the time but through all of this she was telln me about him she was say things to me and flirting with me sayning things like us moven in together and how she loves me and dnt know what she would do with out me and jus would jus get helous if I talked about me being with somebody or if ppl would talk to me! We had A LOT of convos about womwn being with other woman and I told her I had never been with a woman nor had I ever thought about it! But she would allways say she was going to be with 1 and she wwould be intamate with a woman well I never would get to deep into that with her but I did tell her I have nothing against it and I never know what I would do! Well all of a sutton all the flirting jus stoped in the las few months and she been goinig out with a lot of different guys I guess jus testing the waters but there is a problem I relay was all this time feeling her but jus didn't say nothing cause I wasn't sure if she was serious or not nd I didn't jus wanna put myself out there and she wasn't serious I fell in love with her and I tried to act like it wasn there I love her and her kids and my kids love her kids too when we were together it jus felt right we were like a family! And now I'm jus wondering if I jus imagined the whole thing did she jus give up cuse I didn't respond the way that she wnated me to or was hse jus playn with me! And I have been told by several ppl that I won't know unless I say something. (No body knows how I feel but some ppl on here but when I talk to my friends about it I act like I'm talkning about a guy) I jus now ma very confused by this who jus say random things like that to ppl and jus do the things she did and jus stop was she palyn with me and I jus read to much into it idk all I know is that I love her very much and there isn't much in this worl that I wouldn't do for her and do I jus get away frm her and let it pass I am jus so confused and need some direction! And I'm sure most ppl will say jus tell her if it was jus that easy then I would wit no problem my main reason is now that how could she be interested in me if she is steady guy chaseing and not taking to me like she did b4! I'm hurting and all tore up over this cause I feel like I have jus been stupid for her or did I jus mis the opporitunity when it came to me! But its love it realy is as hard as I try to ignore it its love nothing else!
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I know what you mean!!You feel like if you try to tell her she'l reject you :(..well in your case you just need to get her back and pronto!!call her up make plans for youz and the kids to go out to lunch or something?idk, hopefully this might help.

I jus wanted to add there is a 13 yr age gap between us! And idk if that where I made the wrong assumption about how she acted towards me!