I Like Her... Alot. :-x

Hi folks,

I have always realised i like girls since 11- but also like guys- in a different way... anyway, i'm 24 and have a good relationship with my BOYFRIEND :-o yes, i wonder, as i'm sure i'm very lesbian- but i did tell him that the first time we met, but somehow things took off- we care for each other very much and love each other -in our own way.

So, to cut the c**p lol... There is this girl at work, same age- we have soooo much in common- i really fancy her. I told my boyfriend this, and he kinda makes jokes about it and thinks it's funny/sexy.

But it's actually really starting to get to me, every time i look at her- i go red and just feel so warm/hot around her!!!!!! she knows i have a boyfriend, so she must just think im weird and go red and shy for some weird reason.

I don't know what to do- maybe i should come out as BI??????? my boyfriend is the only person that knows, i haven't come out yet as i dont like to label myself. It's sorta complicated.

She is so hot and im worried at work tomorrow it will be obvious im getting wet over her.... lol.

Any advice or similar thoughts would be so supportive, it would just be great to have someone to talk to.

Rosie88 Rosie88
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Well im BI also but I like woman more than men, so ur just like me because I blush all the time with this girl i met at the hospital, shes a nurse and im way past in love with her, everytime I see her enter the same room as me I blush or start talking fast and crazy she thinks its "cute" but im always embarrased her laugh and smile brightens even a grumpy persons day, I can look at her all day and night, shes amazing words cant express the way I feel about her, and im taller and a little bigger than her she looks like shes in highschool and it makes her look even more adorable shes 23 but looks 15 and when she hugged me I was surprised but it felt like we were the only two in the room, to be little shes very strong and I didnt want any moment to end with her and shes mexican so she has a little accent she puts certain emphasis on words like three and when she says words with the letter R its adorable, anyway im gonna stop because I have way more to say but I don't want to bore u..... hope it works out with u 2 <3