Why I Love God

Six years ago, I found myself living the life of a 24 year old single mother of three children all 5 years old and younger.  I was battling severe depression because the father of my children decided he would "go out" on me and I kicked him out.

There I was alone, depressed and struggling to take care of my three children, when my friend of 16 years invited me to a new church that she had gone to.  I didnt want to go and I continually turned down her offer, but finally I caved in. I went to church that night. My sprit was broken before the Lord as I wept and asked for forgiveness for my sins.  That night was the start of my new life with Christ.  Everyday I fall more and more in love with God. He continues to bless you going in a dn coming out of every situation.  He has been my sole provider for the last six years.  My faith and trust lies in Him and Him alone.


That is why I love God...

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Quote "He has been My sole provider.......My faith and trust lies in Him and Him alone" - <br />
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I like it, might have to borrow that one sometime ;) God bless!