I met "F"(first letter of her name) her on drunken night in my sophomore year of college. I didn't know it than but I was in love with this girl. I was casually hanging out at a party with my friend Scott when we encounter a mutual acquaintance of ours. We proceeded to become all happy drunken friends. He saw a girl across the room that he recognized and walked to her, seeing as I'm this guys new best friend I went ahead and acted as his wingman. I talked him up, they danced, and eventually we left. All four of us left together and rode home. She recognized me a couple of days later on campus and we proceed to talk and get to know each other, sober. At this point I thought wow Dan, my new best friend from the other night, was a lucky guy if he got with this girl. After about another month or two I get her friend request on facebook and we start talking. We talk over winter break and make plans to see each other. The first night we went out we danced, got close, and I drunkly kissed her at the end of the night. We start getting alot closer, going out and having fun. The next time we go out I tell her I like her after I see her dancing with a friend of mine. We go back to her place and she invites me to spend the night. We caress each other but we don't fool around. That was a few months ago and now I think I might love her. She sends me mixed signals all the time. She tells me she misses me and wants to spend time with me I can't tell what shes thinking. Part of me feels that she keeps everyone at arms length so i just cant tell. Not knowing if she loves me back if killing me and making me resent her at some level which in turn is sending me in states of depression. I just need to know.
zpm628 zpm628
Apr 20, 2011