Best Person I Ever Met, Part 2

      Ok, Im back again with another story about the SAME girl. Cause I didnt change move soo yeah......

Anyway, its a brand new school year and I was 'lucky' enough to get her in my class again. The good news is the other guy she liked is in another class.
bad news... well I would might of actually preffered him now. You see another kid I knew from onother class is in my and he tries to talk to her alot. And Im so deppresed that I dont want to talk period. I just deppresed about everything for some reason. See people making out, deppresed. See a couple, deppresed.
maybe its true for all I know anymore. In my school, maybe love is evol. But maybe thats the trick. Maybe thats why love takes so long. love isnt a race car. If you spell it backwards it dosent mean the same thing. It spells th opposite of love. Which I guess is what happens when you rush it. Cause it aint' a racecar. The more you rush it it will pull away. So all that does is make things just about five times more complicated. As if it wasnt complicated enough.
rob36611 rob36611
13-15, M
Sep 7, 2011