Its All So Dark And Mysterious, When The One You Want Doesn't Want You Too.

I met this woman months ago. She was an angel when we first met, and I here I was, far from being perfect. But somehow we clicked.
We started hanging out a lot more, and I beleived she was the one, I was terribly wrong.

The memories we shared were so precious. We would stay up all night and watch movies or do whatever. So many drugs, yet we made the most out of it. Our first kiss was perfect, yet, i could tell she didnt care as much as i did. She started to forget about me, and the times we were supposed to hangout. I helped her out as much as I could, even lost a job for her. Yet, she just didn't care.

I should've known, she was so careless. So immature, never knowing what she really wants. Drifting, like a feather in the wind, and all the while I was chasing that feather. Not caring about anything around me, just wanting that feather.

Eventually, we drifted apart. I still think of her from time to time.
bradley20 bradley20
18-21, M
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Is there anyway to fix it?

I feel your pain I'm in the same page