Can Words Explain?

She is so beautiful, in so many ways. I didn't know her and she didn't know me, but we kissed within the Western Wall, and sparks turned to searing flames. Living in another country, we developed a relationship so pure and whole that just thinking about it brings my existence to the zeniths of both euphoria and depression. She is gorgeous, sweet, intelligent, funny-- a creative thinker in her own right, and someone who cares, possibly too much. She took mine, and I took hers, but this is not even remotely the basis of what we are. In my entire life, I have never shed a tear about a girl, even sometimes remaining dry-eyed at the death of family members-- but I weep thinking about how I miss and need her so. Tall, blonde, with stunning hazel/brown eyes and the most beautiful features imaginable-- but the 'cherry on top' as I used to joke was (and is) her massive heart. In times of trouble, she is the only one honest with me, and this is why she left me. Even my closest of friends remain silent when I drink, clearly to oblivion, but she won't take any of that. To her, I am hurting myself, and that hurts her, and that hurts me. It took me a damn long time to tell her, but I love her. More than I ever thought I could love someone else. If it's not too crazy, I can see myself spending the rest of my life with this girl. And honestly? so can she. It is due to this that I cry, if two people love each other, why can't they just be together? I hurt and I ache and I cry. Will this do anything? I don't know. I just want her to be happy.
The worst part?
I know this is true love. I just ****** up. There I said it. I ****** up. I want to be better for her, and hopefully I won't end up killing myself before I am.
Rose? If you can hear me, see me, feel me, sense me, know me...
A Rose by any other name would never smell just as sweet.
I love you.
roeravid roeravid
Dec 2, 2012