She Says Her Baby Loves Me But She Still Loves Her Babys Father!

I have a girl who is one of my best freinds sister. I've had my eye on her as a romantic partner for two + years the last tgree months(i know thats not long) we've been dateing flowers holidays going outspending time with her and the baby im deeply in love with her but shes torn because she wants her daughter to know her father and shes still in love with him but this guy doesnt want to watch the kid its next to impossible to get him to even buy diapersect ect.(deadbeat dad) I on the other hand have been takeing care of her and her child changeimg diapers makeing bottles singing to the bay buying flowers and small gifts pretty regularly and when I tell her I love her and her daughter she tells me that her baby loves me but she doesnt feel that way about me yet "it takes time" I get that but its like he gets her love even though he doesnt deserve it... What do I do
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Jan 18, 2013