I always meet the wrong guys out there. The ones who find me attractive and really fall in love with me, I never feel the same back. . And the one I want to find me attractive, and the one I fall for, he doesn´t feel the same. WHY?!

It´s getting on my nerves..
I meet guys who really love me. They find me so amazing, just like the girl of their dreams.. They treat me so well and do everything for me.. But it doesn´t make me happy. It makes me sad, because that´s not what I want. And I end up breaking their hearts.. One of them has even called me a heartbreaker, but he still loves me..!!

And now when I finally fell for someone, he doesn´t even know I do, and I´m afraid of asking him out.. I just wish HE could see me the way the other guys did/do. I guess this is so typical, eh? All of the other guys are amazing though. Really sweet and kind.. But that´s not enough for me. There´s no LOVE from my side. I wish I could fall for one of them..

And I used to say guys are heartless, now I am the heartless one.
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Oh I hate girls like you :)

You do? Really..? why?

Keep bumping into them. Shattered every piece of me. And left nothing behind

Come on! It's not like I tell them to fall in love with me!! I hate that.. I really appreciate what they do.. now most of them are in a relationship.. and some of them even tell me that they think of me when they have sex with their partner..

You sound upset. I am sorry to hurt you in any way. That's the thing about love,you don't hve to call it, neither it ever make an effort to knock. It just slammed in without permission, against the will. Oh when your mind and your body having sex with two different ladies, that is extremely ermm dying.

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have you ever considered you may be seeking the wrong thing?


that is for you to answer ... you get the guy you want, but you don't want him

Now this was an old story… I finally met the guy I want! And he's perfect in my eyes… even his imperfections become perfect.. But, now that I found him, we have to be in a long distance relationship cuz of work and studies… how beautiful is that?

but if it works and end happy that's a good thing .. I know it must be hard, but the best ones are worth waiting h for

Yeah, that's for sure! I can't even see myself without him.. or see him with someone else! I'll wait for him. I know we can be perfect. :)
Thank you

that's OK and i Di wish you both the best ... one thing I might add, don't try for perfection as you'll never find it, strive for happiness. :)

Happiness is a part of it. He is my happiness and I'd do whatever it takes to always see him happy and feeling good. :)

Good for you! I hope I meet the guy I want :) It's just so hard waiting because I don't just want anyone.

Babe, that was an old post. He's out of my life now. He wishes he cud still have me.

Oh sorry.

It's okay. You can really fall so deep in love that you get blind. You really stop seeing the bad things your partner does, you keep accepting everything. Mine wasn't man enough to fight for me. You need to find a guy who will do EVERYTHING to be your everything. Crazy enough I know this guy who is doing everything to be my everything, but because of my broken heart, Im not ready for anything yet. My ex had no education, even tho he was the manager in his dad's company, he was one year younger and lived in another country. He cudnt fight for me, he was a coward, and I still accepted that, cuz I was stupid in love. This new guy is a doctor, fashion blogger, has great personality and will even follow me to Italy next month to be near. He has told his friends and mom and family about me. Life is crazy. I wish my heart was not broken, cuz this guy deserves it. He's just waiting for a yes, and he has been wanting me for 2 years.

If you don't mind me asking,will you say yes eventually to him?

I wish I will one day. He makes me happy, but Im not in love. Are we really supposed to be fully in love in the first place? I mean.. This can come later as well, or what?

Not sure,maybe,I think everyone is different when it comes to it.May I ask you for advice?

Tell me. Im usually better at giving advices than following them myself.

Would it be acceptable to go see a guy to spend time together just to make sure we want to be together and get to know each other more and or give the relationship a chance? He can't see me now because of work (his schedule) but I can since I don't really have a lot to do in the summer,or should he come see me? Should the girl see the man or vice versa?

I think you should tell him to come see you. Guys like girls who play hard to get. Thats what made this new guy want me for 2 years. When a guy puts effort in meeting you, that means he really wants you and wants to be with you, if he's not able to do that, then idk how much he really wants this. What I really like about guys is when they want something, or when they want a girl, they'll do everything to get her. Some guys don't get that, so Idk what type of person he is, but mostly this works. Also when you guys speak over txting or phone calls, you should not always be available for him. Or you can txt him something that will keep him thinking about you and missing you and can't wait to talk to you again.

You have a point. Then I might not go to see him then,I just want to know how much he really wants me. We do video chat and text once in a while. Not all the time and when you say text him something what could I text him? He texts me first anyway,I usually never text him first so I will not appear desperate.

Well, then you're doing perfectly well. Im glad he txts you first anyway. But SOMETIMES you can txt him first, so he knows that he's on your mind. He might get sick of txting you first.

Where did you meet the new guy btw?

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in time it will hapen

I found him already. :)

good for you


your ideal guy is based on looks and he relizes how you truely are. you are shallow and need help.

At least your are loved, instead of being constantly stared at by strangers.

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