I Know That You've All Probably Heard This One Before But... You're Gonna Hear It Again

this girl I'd been hanging out with her for almost a year, today I finally got the balls to tell her how I feel, to tell her that I love her and... she loves me too... but not in that way... I believe those were her words, but to be around her knowing that I'll never be able to kiss her, never be able to hold her in my arms... it doesn't hurt, I feel cold though... the heats on... and I'm very warm, but I feel like I'm chilled to the bone. I love her more than anything I'd love to be hurt if it meant that she'd feel the same about me... or at least realize that the way I feel about her, friendship is like taunting me... I'm sorry I know I'm whining but I can't stop... how could I have been that stupid. at least when she didn't know there was still the chance that she felt the same way

 please comment if you have any advice for me... some kind words... telling me to snap the hell out of it either way

gummibearyyz gummibearyyz
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3 Responses Nov 23, 2008

Im in the same situation but mine ended up differently this girl who i have liked for about 2 years wanted to date when i wasnt ready told me she would always love me so i told her i was in love with her and i dont know what happened but she told me she never wanted to talk to me. Im heartbroken and she just texted me to tell me how she loves her new botfriend almost to rub it in. It hurts when you love somebody that doesnt feel the same way but sometimes you just have to move on because whats past is past and nothing in this world lasts.

I know the feeling. Only I guess it is worse for me because we are both girls and she is not into girls. It hurts so much. I know how you feel.

Oh babe, all you can do is keep the love you have for her, as that is also special, I am sorry that she is not at the same point you are, but maybe with more time and friendship and experiences together she may change her mind, finding that you are a constant for her, on the other hand, if her words are honest you must protect your heart, don't let it wonder off to a place where she isn't...good luck friend, I hope you find your dreams! Kisses!