When I was 12, I was helping my friend try to hook up with this girl at church camp but the more I talked to her, the more I started liking her. After camp that year we'd talk 24/7 until one day she told me we can't talk as much as we usually do because she wants to think about school and so I agreed and we began to never talk then camp came along and same process happen. When I turned 15 I became sooo in love with her... And God had told me she's the one I'm gonna be with for the rest of my life, and I told her that and she said she'd pray about it and we left it at that. This year at camp we were like cuddling and leaning on each other and flirting and giving each other a back massage and it was great! Then camp ended and we left each other and we'd text forever and then it kinda died and now we hardly text but I'm still in love with her. She lives 30 minutes away from me so distance isn't a big deal and I get to see her like every few months and we hug forever but this last time I saw her, I saw her with this guy. He's like 2 years younger but they were stuck together like me and her were at camp. It makes me sooooo dang jealous to see them together even tho I know they arnt dating. It's just I love her sooooooo much and I wanna be with her every second of every day of my life! I wanna marry her when were older and every second I think about her my heart aches because she isn't with me. She knows I'm in love with her and I knew she used to like me when I was younger but I couldn't drive so she said we shouldn't date. But I can drive now but I don't wanna ask her because I don't wanna be turned down again but this time I don't wanna be turned down over a guy 2 years younger than me... She's like the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on with these gorgeous blue eyes and those luscious blonde curls. She's just soooo perfect!! And idk why I'm telling this to a bunch of random strangers!! I guess I wanna tell someone how much I love this girl and how much she means to me and my life.

Maybe she might read this.. This is for you H.J.M.
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I think that you should stop letting those negative thoughts go through your head and just ask her out.