I Love Her, But She Could Never Love Me

i met this girl about 9 months ago, at first i couldnt really see anything special, but i would look through her facebook photos and feel something in the pit of my stomach, and i thought "no way", then when we first met in the flesh i found my heart skipped a beat and i began to shake, not from nerves but for no reason. after this i was forced to concede that i did indeed have feelings for this girl. i hoped this was just a crush and would be over in a few days but as time wore on i found i couldnt stop thinking of her until the point where i was thinking of her constantly one night and i found myself crying. i was happy to take a bullet for her, and still am to this day, any advice would be welcome, thanks for listening

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Even I have the same story, already I have fell in love with 5 girls and no one chose me, but this time, it was very very much. I could do anything for her, even we became friends but later, she turned off and started hanging out another boy in the class. And this was the end of my love story.

What happend after 5 years .. please we want to know T_T

yah, I have also same story, i met the girl nine month ago and, i was success to go v closed to her n in these month i did gud to her, i said her that love her but she said me that she could not return my love back, actually she had a boyfriend six years ago and later he dropped her and she said she is still love him, after i proposed her she dosen't ignoring me and we r calling eachother and ex change sms eachother almost every day, has there hope that one day she may fall love with me or she will marry me? since she know there has no hope with her ex-boyfriend,

I have the same problem, except she loves being with me. Phones me up nearly every day, asks me to go away with her, sends me emails, buys me presents and yet she won't be my girlfriend. What am I missing?

1st of all thanks for Share ur Luv Story......Actually It's Really Gd experience....I think U most have go with her and share Ur all feelings abt her....<br />
,,,,,,Anyway Bst of Luck.....

lol wtf? you seem like a very awkward guy... Treat them like they don't really matter that much but let them know your interested, dont be the "I would jump into train tracks for her" "she's so beautiful" kinda **** cuz it'll just freak her out and possibly get slapped across the face with "REJECTION".

i had the same. but she doesnt like me at all. i have asked her ehy she doesnt like me, but she replied. "STOP GOING ON ABOUT IT!!!!! i said no!!! END OF". i have asked her out twice in 2 years and she thinks im going on? i have sung to her but nothing has changed. i really love her and she knows it!!!

Oh thats so sweet. tell her you love her.

Go for it you always have a chance.