Destroying Me

i know this girl years, and in the past we've had feelings for each other at the wrong times, but the last few months i cant stop thinking about her. i was with a girl when she told me she had feelings for me, but i am now single, and we do hang out every now and again but not much, im head over heals with her now, i cant stop thinking about her whether im in work, college or out with the lads all i can think about is her. but i dont think she has those feelings for me anymore... and it kills me inside, to me she is the best thing in the world, amazing personality, gorgeous, kind talented and just a godsend in any emergency or problem, she's always there... i dont have the courage to tell her how i feel incase it ruins our friendship which i value so much, but these feelings are making everything in life seem pointless without her, anytime im out i wish she was there beside me, knowing she was mine... she goes out with these guy's who are complete ***** to her and i've picked her up on many occasions because they've crushed her... im not usually this nervous with women but she is the pure and exact definition to me of perfect and it blows my mid, i dont no wat to do.... can anyone give me advice?? please

spooney90 spooney90
18-21, M
Feb 20, 2010