And I Missed My Chance to Dance With Him

For me, an actor, a singer, an artist, is a person that has a specific talent and that inspires others, like many unknown people, like many people in day to day life.

So, I never tought i would the groupie type. But hey, who can resist Jamie ? Talented, sexy, charming, smart, crazy... I was at his concert in Montreal, first row, close to the stage. Couldn't help but looking at him and being surprised by its power on me. It felt amazing to be there, like it was an historical moment... What is strange is that it was the third time i'd seen him in concert. he kind of grew on me, or maybe it's his crooner character that touches with me...

A few times, he sang with people by handing the mic to them.

The last song came in, Multiply. Since english is my second language, i would sing some parts but didn't knew all the song. And suddenly, he lies on the stage, like the Material girl ;), and came down to sing and dance with me. My heart made 5 turns... and i did turn myself away. Now, I feel so stupid to have missed that chance. It's like I have missed the chance to change my life at some points. I don't usualy have regrets, but I feel that sometimes I am not ready for the extraordinary. But i have progressed toward it... so maybe i can hope for another chance to dance with Jamie.. and take it.

Since that moment, i cannot listen to his music and not think about that moment. those obsessions....
redhead redhead
31-35, F
Oct 9, 2006