I Converted

It happened when I was 17.  My life was a living hell.  I was full of hate and resentment.  I was being manipulated and abused.  I felt a presence of evil constantly attacking me and I was desperate to escape it.  I was tempted to commit suicide but I didn't because of the grief I knew it would cause my family.  I thought I would move interstate, but in the end I realised that the evil presence would follow me wherever I went.

A friend at school was worried about me and asked if she could stay the night.  She had become an Anglican recently and could see by my appearance that I was in spiritual trouble.  That night she told me that Jesus defeated evil on the cross.

I will never forget that moment.  Here was my answer!  I claimed Jesus as my Saviour and asked Him to apply the power of His victory on the Cross to my life. 

That night I went through a battle.  It is very hard to describe, but it is as if there was a tug of war going on for my soul.  I had to resist it with all my strength, but finally I was left in peace.

I knew I was now His and I began to pray and look with confidence for signs of His plan for my life.

I have not always understood His will for me at the time, but I always do eventually.

Jesus Christ is the beautiful Son of God and He leads me.  When He comes into my heart in Holy Communion I know He has longed for that moment from all eternity.  He is the King of the Universe and the universal shepherd.  He is the Lord of Heaven and the Lord of the suburbs.

I love to tell Him about His children.  I hate it when people revile Him without ever seriously having gotten to know Him.

Jesus is Love.  Love sweet Jesus, Jesus who is Love.

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Thank you, stuwebb2, for reading this story and troubling to leave a comment. I am very happy to know that it was inspiring for you and wish you every blessing.

great testimony it was inspiring to read

The pleasure was all mine! Thankyou for reading it.