I Wish I Could Tell Her.

I am a 14 year old girl and I'm in love with my best friend, who also is a girl. She is a relationship with a boy who she loves a lot (or so she's told me) and who loves her back, and as far as I'm concerned, she doesn't know and isn't lesbian/bisexual herself. I want to tell her desperately, but it'll just screw up our friendship.
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I understand the pain your in.. i was in the same jar your in i had a georgous best friend that i wish could just understand how i feel and maybe just maybe we could be together... but i learned over time that i really just takes time and how much would be williing to fight for it.. lol i know it sounds like some crazy battle but love is a constant battle to do as much as you can for the person or people you love so don't stop and don't give up hope.. even if its not ment to be with your fiends just realize that your other half your looking for is also looking for you... your firend cocopuffs!

Please don,t let these feelings damage the rest of your life.....take it in your stride, things will either work out or they won,t. I am older and have found that no matter how hard we try to engineeer things to work in our favour....they will happen just they way they will happen. Love is love whether it is straight or lesbian and the hurt and longing and pain are the same...I have been there too so know how you feel.....just dont let it affect the way you approach future loves and there will be future loves but it may not seem like it now...... One who knows and cares.X