The Best Friend Love Story

I would say it started in 6th grade i met a girl name Jennifer and i instantly liked her...but i was a totally loser and me and her were only friends. later that year me and her became close friends and we started hanging my group of friends
Steph (we used to like each other)
Ernesto (best friend since pre school)
Nicole (she likes me and is creepy for me)
Adrian (Best friend for life since we were born)
Kyle (Close friend since 3rd grade)
and then her group of friends
Branna (she got with my friend kyle closeeee friend with Jen)
Albert (HATED HIM THOUGHT HE WAS GAY but he is the coolest guy ever)
Trevor (asian very low self esteem guy who was actually pretty cool and alot of girls liked him)
Eddie (asian girls love him since they think he is gay but aint)
Victor (had a crush on her, he beat cancer still liked her till 9th grade)
and ever since we all got along me and Jennifer were forced together once in 7th grade
needless to say i was happy she wasn't so i broke up with her...stupid me right?
well after we broke up nothing really happen we still talked and junk had some classes together
I was still a totally loser never went out or anything
8th grade came and it was different...
I join the football team at my middle school and was pretty good at it me and jen became really close friend well best friends
me albert and trevor finally got along and kyle and bre broke up and never talked again after that
i got my first actual girlfriend
her name was chloe and she went to a different school
she was a hoe
a liar and a cheater she has 34 boyfriends 4 of them ****** her yah idk
what i saw in her and she always complained about everything...
idk what else i coulda done
she fell inlove me saying i wasnt like the other guys
wanting sex i was nice i said whatever she cheated on me with and ernesto are still friends cause ernesto
told me and broke up with her cause he knew it was wrong
9th grade came and a guy i really hated came to our high school
his main lines >.>
im in boyscout and that how i meant this future politician
jennifer then started to like me...but i was kinda not aware of it and pretend
i didnt like her so she got with daniel
(secretly liked me the whole time) during that time i was in football one of the few freshmen to be playing varsity and
i got pretty popular alot more friends then before going out at nights bowling and my grades were above average
i was having a good life...
i became a player around 1 month after Jen got with Daniel
i made out with alot of girls (no sex though i am abbsident) and i told them all the truth i was inlove with another girl
but they all wanted me still and when did i exactly fall inlove with jen,.,
homecoming she came over to my house and wanted my opinion on her dresses and she looked..beautiful
amazing just so unbelievable how can daniel get her? (daniel is a total loser no one really likes him not even int he band)
so we all went to homecoming i went with a girl who jen didnt like (jen got jelous of her)
after a few months of our hidden secreat i told my friend albert that i loved her albert was quiet about it
jen and daniel broke up and she called me her best friend and everyday she saw me
she always hugged me and didn't let go, kinda had to get her off me.
she kept txting me
''jacob...were best friends right? nothing else?''
all the time
we told each other everything
i told her about all these girls i was going out with..
till one day she cried and i didnt know why she said it was nothing and left
the next day we didnt talk...
after month its may one whole school year of us hiding the fact that we like each other
i then got back with chloe me being as smart as i was... but i shoulda learn from the first time
chloe knew how to seduce men like how i knew how to get girls
we came so close to doing it... i then said no i didnt want to she wasnt the one
she got pissed at me and broke up with me i didnt care this time i pretended to care to make her
feel bad i was being an *** yes but i needed the revenge...
after Jen told albert (i didn't know)
albert always told me to tell her didnt know why but he told me (well now i know why)
now its june 1 week ago me and jen got into a huge fight...the biggest fight ever...
she was insulting me alot saying i wasn't cute or kissable...
or i wont get a girl if i go back to chloe again cause im a loser
then she said sorry and well..
that very day albert said i had to tell her that i loved her...
so i told her and she's been in love with me since the day i got Daniel away from her
and then she kissed me probally the best i ever had...
and that there... is my love story
jakester715 jakester715
Jun 27, 2011