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We met as the two Atheists at Bible School. We stuck together and accepted each other even though our parents didn't. We started hanging out all the time. We slowly got closer and closer... We started calling each other sisters. I fell in love with her. I helped her get the guy she liked. I watched them stay together happily for six months until she finally broke up with him. I asked hre why she did it. Her answer what that she was confused about her sexuality, she thought she was bisexual but she wasn't sure. I told her I would support her no matter what. About a month later, she confessed that it was me who made heer break up with him. She loved me. I will never forget how happy I was in that moment. Edit: just kidding she broke my heart and replaced me immediately, now I've realized someone who really loves you won't treat you like that but it was fun while it lasted.
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That's awesome! I'm happy for you. :)

Thanks!! I love her so much <3