Friends Forever

I've known him since we were in kindergarten.
We instantly became friends. I went to his birthday parties and we had playdates. I remember most of our playdates specifically too. Anyway, we're now 14 which means we've know eachother for about 9 years. I have been on and off liking him(mosty on) since then. He has liked me occasionally and I'm pretty sure it's been on and off like me too, though he'd never admit it. They say after four months of a crush you're in love. I must be madly in love then. Anyway, in 6th grade my group of friends dropped me, but he stayed my friend. We didn't really talk so much anymore but even the years when we didn't talk I just always felt that I liked him. He's really my only original friend left. In 7th grade we started talking again, and became best friends. We tell eachother practically everything and he always wants to know what's wrong. I even got my own picture with him in his Bar Mitzvah slideshow. So a few weeks after we started talking again, he asked me out. He told me he really liked me. I really liked him, but I said no, I wasn't ready for a relationship. We continued our normal friendship. That May, we both ended up getting a boyfriend(me) and a girlfriend(him), but those relationships weren't real and didn't last long. I knew he was the one for me, and always had been. We broke up with our significant others and both of us seemed pretty relieved about the other doing so. We taked a lot and I knew I was in love. One night, we oovooed from 9pm to 7:30am in the beginning of the summer. It was magical and we watched the sunrise "together". I knew it for sure that night. Unfortunately, he goes to sleepaway camp every summer from end of July to middle of August with no cell phone service and only goes on the computer once a week. I counted down the days and was dying inside waiting for him to come home just so I could talk to him. When he got back, I just flirted non-stop. I couldn't help myself! He flirted back. The day after he returned home, he asked me out. I gladly accepted. It wasn't what I wanted. We were still young and didn't know how to have a real relationship and we were always busy. After two months, I broke up with him. I was over him for about a month, but started liking him again. I don't know how he feels. I don't know how he felt when I broke up with him. I bring up sometimes how he didn't talk to me and he claims he's changed and wouldn't do that again, but I don't know whether he was implying to me or not. Now he's going out with one of my friends. They aren't right for eachother. She's very tomoboyish and they like all the same sports and teams and stuff so it's really like a bromance and I'm very jeaous and saddended by it. I hide from everyone but about 4 of my best friends that I love him. These friends are plotting to get us together and I really hope it works. One friend believes he secrety loves me and feels all the same ways about me and always has, this girl is just his cover. I truly hope it is. I really think him and I are meant for eachother, at least for now, and I can see us being that cute couple who has been together for years and everyone is jealous of. I could even see us getting married someday, though that's in the far future. I' keep you updated on my friend's plan to get us together and whether it works or not. Please, hope for me that it does. I love him and I just know it. For now, that's my story.
P.s I know I'm young, but I've liked other guys, I can tell the difference. I know what love is.
mizzycap5 mizzycap5
18-21, F
May 16, 2012