Hi. My name is Kelsea. And I'm in love with my best friend in the whole entire world named Dawson. I found out last night when I was watching the Titanic with him. As you all may know, Leo DiCaprio played Jack DAWSON. At the very end, Jack gives his life for Rose. And when the boat guard had asked Rose for her name, she had said Rose Dawson. And finally at the end of the credits, Dawson had turned to me with a serious face and said "I would do the exact same thing for you, ya know." And then slightly kissed me on the cheek and we went to sleep. I knew he ment it as a friendly thing, but I then realized I was in love with a boy I've known since I was four.

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6 Responses Dec 11, 2006

how cute! you need to tell him before it's too late...

Awww that is so cute. Tell him, maybe he's thinking the same as you. I'm dating my best friend, and it's the best move I have ever made. He's not just my boyfriend but my bestfriend. Good luck! (:

coming from experience... i fell in love with my best friend, she just recently this week broke up with me i think cause she is confused or scared or i dont know what (different story). but i can tell you its the greatest feeling in the world knowing that your girlfriend or in your case boyfriend is your best friend. thats all i keep saying to myself in my situation now... i just want my best friend back. its a special kind of relationship, def worth the risk.

Tendermost. Tell him.

Awwww you've gotta tell him. He has to know!!!

oooh...sounds intense ;)

That is so romantic, I bet you wanted to cry, I know I would. Tell him, it might bring you the utmost happiness :)