I Love My Best Friend And Now.....

He is my best friend... has been since we were 3-4 years old, im 16 now. i had a crush on him when i was 5, i even asked him who he liked. He said another girls name. i was a little down, even if i was only 5. But i tried getting over it. I've had 5 boyfriends since then (experienced but still virgin of course), but none of them worked out. i've still been thinking loads about him, but i try not to.

Now all of a sudden, this summer, it seemed like he made a move on me. He cuddled me and he tickled attacked me. He also pulled me up onto his lap and held me there like I was going to run away. Of course i didn't. He was all cuddle and hugs... that has never happened before. I thought about it and just concluded that, thats how bestfriends here (in Sweden) are to eachother. I was wrong...

He left for a 3 week trip and my family and I meet them on one of the smaller islands. we hung out as usual, movies, talking, walks, swimming...... then at the end of the day the two of us were bored, so, i suggested truth or dare. he agreed, so we started. When we asked eachother how our ideal mate would be like, he just described looks... but it was like he was describing me. then he was going to dare me... i could see on his face that he had loads of dares but there was something stopping him. then finally he dared me to hug him. i did and we kept daring eachother n then he dared me to kiss him on the cheek, then an actual kiss and then we did a small french kiss. i
was so craving for him. i wanted more, to do more stuff with him... this had never happened to me before. my latest ex is the one who gave me experience, but that was because he was very pushy and stupid me went along with it... this guy (my bestfriend) would never push me to do anything. he is less experienced than me.

My bestfriend is the nicest guy i know, he is smart, got a 6-pack, he is always caring, fun, able to keep a conversation, he understands me, and so much more. he is in my dreams, i think about him all the time and miss him so much.

we were texting a lot after and he did say that the kisses did mean something to him.
we don't want to lose our friendship, but i know that i want to be with him really much. i don't know what to do!! i know that i have to talk with him and come up with a solution to this problem.

any advice??
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I know how you feel. I suggest telling him because from the sound of it he's into you. :D

thanks i will... then i'll see and hope we come to a good decision :)

Tell him the truth that you love him and want to be with him. I let my best friend get away. To afraid to tell him how I really felt and vice versa. Now were are married to different people. I miss and love him still.