Is It Love?

I've recently broke up with my boyfriend well he broke up with me.
In times like these you go to your friends. And that's exactly What I did.
I got to my friends house and we went up to her room. We sat down and I told her what had happened and I started to cry.

She lifted up my chin.

Looked into my eyes.

And kisses me.

I panicked and said I had to go and left her house. She's texted and called so much.
I just haven't got back in touch.

I'm extremely confused considering my boyfriend has just broke up with me.
And I've never been bi or a lesbian before. I always knew she was but she said she never liked me like that.

Now I think about her more and more. I think I might actually like her back.

Is it love or is it just because I'm desperate because I've just got out of a relationship?

Please help.

Thank you.
Heartache666 Heartache666
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

is love... you aren´t desperate, do what you think is correct

Is It Love

The feeling you felt when she touched your face
Did your heart do a dance and begin to race ?
You were confused and unsure of how you felt
Is it her always being there or the fire within in the kiss
Curiosity, is not rare and a feeling not only you share
I say explore it see her hear her voice
Only then will you know
You control this this flower you refuse to let grow

My head was so worked up and I was extremely confused at the time.

But now time has passed and I think I'm in love with her.

But I can't be I still love the boy.
And my head hurt as well as my heart thinking I have to go to school tomorrow and face them both.

What should I say?

Take it from me
Yes, you can just in a different way. Whenever love anyone the same. I know age and lots of experience with love. You can love many for different reasons all a lot but differently. Lucky you it is just two you love. I now love one but if you know the heartbreak I went through to do just that. I am not sure he loves me the same because emotionally he can't reach me nor give me wqhat I need.

If you want love the start a new both of them are obviously not the one otherwise when she kissed you you would have pulled away straight away and he doesn't want you because he dumped you. Find someone else male or female which ever one makes you hapiest c: