Im Pretty Sure Hes The Right One But...

Ok i would tell you the whole story when this all go and everything but it's too long i had a feeling no one would wanna read it...

So i'll make it short Hi im 17 years old in 3 months i'll be 18.
It all started 5 days before my 17 birthday i was in the movies with best friend and my brother we were watching Avengers ^^ So yeah we were having lots of fun that weekend, before all day let's go way back on november 2011 I dont know how it happened but it did i started to have feelings for my friend yes since then it was just a small attraction it went for a somewhat crush wasn't a big deal..Let's rewind a little bit more shall we? In grade school my brother met this boy called Ale yes that's him they were inseparable since, I dint liked him or maybe i never talked to him much they were 7 and i was 9 so nah never cared for my brothers buddy. Ok so let's go back to that night in the movies he sat next to me giving me lots of eye contact touching my hand and this giggle came along i was so weird out i din't payed attention becuase months back i stopped liking him so a sunday night that was 2 days after the movie we had to pick him up so he can stay in my house well we had to his mom works in other town, So that night he hugged me and kissed my cheek and gets all weird and i said: Uuh someones happy.. He replied: Oh that's nothing i..well..Did you missed me yesterday? I grinded 'Pretty much' .. Smiles between us it felt weird but good i actually smiled. We got home so that night my brother was sleeping and Ale was starring at me too much and smilling so then he confess that he had feelings for me most likely years but he din't made any move cuz he thought i hated him and i said i liked him too for a long time but in that moment i was alreay over him but we couldn't help it we ended up kissing.. that week we became much closer weeks passed I couldnt agree to be his girlfriend i just couldn't do it, when i was 16 i had my firts boyfriend yep he was one of my close friends we lasted 3 months then it wasn't the same anymore it got akward. So with Ale i decided not to ruin our friendship and besides mom wont aprove him sleeping over and would be weird for my brother too so we stayed as friends and keeping it normal so in july he met this out of town girl who's a year older than him he was kinda falling for her and i was such a great friend and told him they should date, well around september he kissed me and still dating her, he said he couldn't help it he won't move on and give up love on me i couldnt either we were kinda having adventures while he was dating her he often said: I dont know but when im with you i dont feel like im cheating. They lasted 7 months she broke up with him on january is been weeks and he is devastated not the same guy i knew all along so weak with a broken smile just like i feel right now knowing that hes feelings for her were real too he wants her back badly i cant do anything i loved him for a long time i am so sure that hes the one he knows i love him he feels horrible too doesn't know what to do neither do i.
Knowing that he loves her and still its just making me worse we barely talk now i mean no i dont wanna give up on him ever i never loved like this.

Tomoyafuro Tomoyafuro
18-21, F
Feb 5, 2013