Maybe someday I'll tell him. Maybe he feels the same. Maybe nothing will ever happen. Maybe I'll be okay with that.
I met my best friend when I was in 8th grade, 6 years ago. I got a crush on him almost immediately, but somehow, without me meaning to, it turned into more. I realized a year and a half ago that somewhere along the way, I had fallen in love.
I think he may feel similarly, but I don't want to find out he doesn't.  I say nothing because of my relationship with him and our other best friend, though my other friend knows. I don't want it to change. Even if it does change into something more, I don't want it to be a mistake, one that ruins what the 3 of us have. The logical side of me also points out that it's not the time for either of us to have a relationship. The emotional side of me says that's crap.
He wants to travel the world. I would go anywhere with him, if he asked.

Even if I ever told him I have feelings for him, how do you say "I like you" when really you mean so much more? How do you lie because if you said "I love you", it might scare him away, and you're so afraid of that?
NurseJello NurseJello
22-25, F
Jul 13, 2007