I met my boyfriend on Zoosk. He came up on my feed, but he lived 13 hours away from me, so I didn't understand why he came up in my feeds was it God showing me or was it just fate. I was like why not message him my email because I am not paying for this stupid site. He ended up messaging me back, so I was excited. I had a week off from work because I worked at a school, so I was excited to talk to him. His Pitbull died, so that was sad. He talked to me about his exgirlfriend because he was not over her, yet, so I helped him get over her. They lived together seven years and it was constantly on and off, but it is over now. His Facebook friends said he had a son and he was not ready to tell me that yet, but I found out. The exgirlfriend's mom said they were married, but she never messaged me. The brother said they live together. The brother ended up saying that they don't live together and I hope he treats you better than he treated my sister. He talked to me everyday. I got with an abusive exboyfriend then he freaked out, so he called my grandma to see where I was at and he emailed to me.The abusive man always got in my face, threatened hurt, punched me and I wanted out of it, now. That abusive exboyfriend has four children and he is not nice to them.My boyfriend now fell in love with me the first we talked. He lifts me up. He never puts me down. I read my bible verses to him and we talk about God's word too. He is a great guy. I love him so much.
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Sounds like you've finally met that
kind, sweet, friendly, loving, affectionate,
patient, understanding, supportive gentleman, sweetie! :)

What is going on in your life?

Currently, I do not have a girlfriend; however-I am not lonely! :)