Better Unanswered
Our time was running out but you hadn’t answered yet. It was supposed to be an easy question -- answerable by yes or no. It’s been more than 10 minutes now since I threw that question. I knew I was unfair to ask you that but I badly needed your answer. I was dying to know what I was to you. Was I a lover? Was I just a friend? Or was I at least the person you wished you could be with but things were too complicated to pursue?
“No,” finally you answered.
It was the answer I was expecting but not the answer I was hoping to hear. That moment, when you’re about to part your lips and create a round shape, my heart skipped a beat. The time stood still. I wished that that moment would not come; that the time would just stop the moment you’re about to speak. My wish did not come true. The time did not stop. You managed to voice out your answer and my heart was pierced with thousands of needles.
And I chose to forget everything that followed.
Monnuel Monnuel
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014