His Arms

I have accepted that nothing romantic will happen betwen us. It isn't logical. But I still am very lonely. I wish he could hold me in his arms, just so I could feel loved. Both of us are single right now, so it woldn't be rude to his girl friend or anything. I just want that feeling of security. I am having a bad day, so I want to run to him. But thats unfair and selfish on my part. I have not seen him for two months now. I have been avoiding him on purpose becuase I spent too much time thinking about him, so it didn't help that I was seeing him on a daily basis. I used the excuse I am sick (which I am) and he accepted that, but the other day I talked to him on the phone (he was checking up on me) and now he is in my thoughts again. I hadn't thought about him for weeks.

I can't stand it. I love this kid so much. He has held me in his arms before. Its addicting.

elizabeth1618 elizabeth1618
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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

I'm sorry. This is hard...<br />
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Maybe you should ask him out on a date? Obviously I don't know either of you or why you have accepted that nothing will happen between you two... but of course nothing will happen between you two romantically if that's what you have decided. Ask him out, or try dating other people to cool off and quell the pain. Being away from him, all alone, does not seem to be helping. You need a distraction, or you need him.<br />
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Good luck, hun.