He's Feeling Me He's Feeling Me Not.

Hi everyone. I've wrote a story about a couple of weeks ago. I was explaining how I had feelings for my best friend (who I'm going to name JD) who I have known for almost 16 years. We've both been through alot together and have told each other things that we would never tell others but yet we both feel comfortable talking to each other about things. We know each other like a book. The other day we were hanging out with other friends and JD and I were in the car together. He was telling me that he didn't want to lose me as a friend or a person and I felt the same way about him. The thing is I think he still wants to be friends yet, he visited me at my job,introduced me to his friends (who I am friends with now), comparing me to his girlfriend. I don't understand it. If he wants to be just friends I understand because I can't make any man like me but at the same time, I can't see myself with anyone else. I know its weird but its true. Everyone else is like he likes me because guys usually don't come to a woman's job if they're not interested. Someone please help I would appreciate it. Thank you


ps. sorry so long.

Ttoya23 Ttoya23
Mar 25, 2009