First Kiss

my father just passed away i was 11 and i got a call after coming back to school from a boy who just lost his father 3 years before asking me out.i said yes, later we hung out at the park we talkied for about 4 hours and it was getting rrrrreally late, we talked and told secrets and laughed and it wasnt akward at all, he took me on top of  a secret tree house gently touched my face then our lips joind together with the strongest melody my heart burst and i felt like i could fly, it was my first kiss. we kissed 2 times later then he broke up with me, now we are BEST friends and do everything together and i love him to death but idk if he still loves me....  i hate the power of thinking he wants us to be just friends... i love you cameron

malleykate malleykate
Mar 14, 2010