Im In Love With My Bestfriends Brother ... And Im Not Aloud To Be!

i did this key to make it easy if people got confused.

Me - Rudi 
my best friend - Mollee 
are old best friend - jade 
Mollee's brother - Scott

well me and Mollee have been best friends for 5 years now and we are practically sisters we were born 19 hours apart ( me - 3rd of July , Mollee- 4Th of July)  . But Ive always had a thing for her older brother Scott who is two year older than us ( were 14 , hes 16 just left school) and well we flirt all the time and we have kissed and hugged and fondled around and well he used to like are friend jade , we met jade in year 7 and we used to be so close she went out with him and they were on and of for nine months app. they were in love . i used to hate her because i liked him first and he used to flirt with me but she would never say no not even when me and my friend Broke up Friends with her over it last January . they've broken up now and he still loves her and apparently he loves me he asked me out but my befriend was so hurt by jade she wouldn't let me go out with him , i was hurt by this cause she never gave me a chance i could of been different . so anyway he says he loves me and her and wants me to go out with him , but if i do it could ruin my friendship with Mollee but if i don't then I'm always gonna wonder what if

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He may not actually have feeling for you , if he and Jade broke up and then he turned straight to you he may just be fishing around for girls, keep that in mind before you take any huge steps.

I think you should talk to her about it again and tell her how much you want to... if she still says no than ask her "Why can't I?" even if you know the answer. good luck... I hope you get to go out with him

I'm sitting here with the same problem. In love with my best friend's brother. He never said a word but he and i like each other so much and we hold hands and hug secretly of course.<br />
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All the best and continue ur crush and just ask him go ahead<br />
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please leave a comment about what you think i should do .. would really help