I Know How You Feel!

I've been best friends with Natasha since I was 7. She's got 4 brothers: Jake, 13, Kristen, 16, Jordan, 19, and Daniel, 22. Her brother Jake is 2 years older than us, and, up until I went up to secondary school, I wasn't bothered about him. But when we were walking home with him one day, I looked up at him and just melted. From then on, everytime I thought of him I smiled.

He's soooo gorgeous, and we've got so much in common. I'm not gunna miss this chance!!

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I feel the same about my best friends brother. The same thing happen in th snow when I went to hers and say him standing there in just his grey tracksuit bottoms. Haha!:D

When I first met Ben I didn't know he was Chloe's brother. He would always flirt with me, and after a while I began to really, really like him, and was positive that he felt the same way. Chloe isn't my best friend, but she's a friend, and I knew it would be awkward of she found out that I liked him. After a while of secretly liking him, without her knowing, a few other girls, chloe and myself got into a conversation, where one of the girls revealed that she had a friend who liked Ben. Chloe laughed at first, but then proceeded to say that she hated it when her friends liked Ben. She felt awkward and like her friends were using her to get to her brother. Although this wasn't true of me, I didn't want Chloe to feel weird and I knew if I told her things would be awkward. It was a bad situation and I ended up getting my own heart broken. My advice? Stay away from those situations. You and your best friend will end up getting hurt.

I like my friend Chloe's brother too... no I don't like I Love! I'm not staying away besides she knows and she's happy about it

No offence or any thing to the second commented but that does make u freaky in my books... The same situation sorts happened to me but instead I hate my bff little broter... He loud and gross and he is a elementry kid.. I m graduating junoiur high...

that iz mean. their not a freak!

That hapened to me too. I go round my best friends house all the time and when he invites me into his room, i just melt..... I love him, i hope u get the guy :)

i was going out with a girl once and we was outside her house the her brother walked down the stairs and im not in love with him but i thought he was seriously hot<br />
but the thing is im a boy and im straight but if he asked me out i dont know what i would say does this experience make me sound like a gay freak or just someone who doesnt know how to feel about him<br />
pease comment but please be nice

well, why not wait until summit happens, then see how you feel. No one can tell u wat to do about him, just do wat u feel.

Tell us how it goes. Better than not knowing anyway. Good luck!