Growing Too Fast?

Im 12 and I am so interested in boys its crazy! But i dont want to try and grow up too fast. Also i want a boyfriend sooooooooooo badly! But im also afraid my parents will act weird because they r not the most nurturing parents. Like i havnt had my p yet but mums acting really weird by like putting pads in the cupboard i keep my brushes and headbands in.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

You can't let your want for a boyfriend run your life, I've been where you've been and it seems like our parents are similar. If you really like a boy, and enjoy hanging out with him, then learn to have a fun time with him and maybe eventually date him. Dont go too fast and dont take things too seriously. Don't feel pressured into having a bf because your friends do, and never ever force yourself to like someone so that you can have a boyfriend. I'm seventeen and I still don't know what my parents would do if I had a boyfriend, they generally act like boys don't exist. Basically, you just have to try and talk with your parents. Sharing little things with them will make you closer, and then you'll feel more open with them. Never be afraid to share something with your parents, here's a secret: your parents honestly unconditionally love you more than any other thing on the planet, nothing you tell them will make them stop loving you.