Not Sure How To Talk To Him...

Well let's just say my bestfriend Emma and I have been bestfriends for like the past two years. Were exactly alike in every single way. So we pretty much hang out whenever possible. She has the gorgeous brother who's four years older than me. I'm fourteen but I'm five eight and everyone mistakes me as being like seventeen including her brother. We work together and he's constantly flirting with me but I never know what to do he just makes me so nervous!! All I can do Is giggle and smile. I guess he kind of likeS it though because he's always joking around with me. Emma told me he asks about me a lot and always talks about how he doesn't understand how I could be Only fourteen. I don't know why but I tend to hang around with older guys maybe its just because I'm tall but he just gives me butterflies! Emma says shes fine with it if he ever ended up liking me but I'm just not sure what to do. It's a long summer with him but I need advice on what to do and fast!
Annapkluv Annapkluv
May 14, 2012