My Best Friend's Brother Is So Cute

I am currently 14 and my best friend's brother is 16. I had never really paid any attention to him, but all of a sudden I started day dreaming about what it would be like if we were together. I have even started writing stories about how we could get together. I know I sound like a lunatic, but my friend would hate me if she knew. She would just laugh that I like him. But I have a feeling that one day we are going to be together
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In my case he's 19 and I'm 17 . At first I thought he was cute like any other crush, and then I started realizing that thought about him all the time. I'd dream about him and find excuses to see him, and when I look into the future I imagine him there, and I've never done that with a boy before. I'm glad you're so confident with your feelings. You seem ready to just let it ride, and you're probably in for a long game of at and mouse through your teen years. Good luck

man it happen to me to but does age count cause hes 14 and i'm 10 but he holds my hand or my leg seaceretly when it dark or no one is around he ask me out 2 times but the first time i was dating a boy named dale then i said i think about it but i forgot but its been like half a year ago what should i do

omg me too well its been like a year since i like my bestfriend's brother but i think he used to ignore me a year ago but now he started being nice to me recently and kind of talks to me like "thanks" or "ur welcome" but i dont know but i always daydreams about me and him being together even tho i know its kinda impossible. well im 14 and he's 17 so yeah. but at least im going to be in the same high school as him next year. im so excited. it might be possible cuz im taller than my bestfriend and i look older so. he's a life guard at the pool that me and my bestfriend goes to but when we were walking around at the pool, i think he was looking at me cuz he suddenly looked away when i looked at him. does that mean that he was really looking at me or my bestfriend?? also my bestfriend knows that i like him and she understood when i told her that cuz u know, he looks really good and girls talked to him and i get depressed when i see him with the girls or girl

that's cute